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Large XML processing

Was reading a bit about options available for processing large XML document. To constrain the use-case: What is the best way to process a large XML document (over 1 GB in size) which basically is a XML representation of a … Continue reading

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Logging in Java – which one to use?

Recently I got into a situation where I needed to choose a logging API or library to be used in a Java/J2ee based enterprise s/w platform layer. There are a number of choices available for this, all of which pretty … Continue reading

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AMQP – Advanced Message Queueing Protocol

AMQP is language neutral application-layer wire-protocol for asynchronous messaging. The protocol supports flow-control, guaranteed message delivery, transactions, routing, security. Rabbit MQ is a popular implementation of this protocol. but I already have JMS? One key difference between AMQP and JMS – is … Continue reading

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WS-BusinessActivity and BPEL

I was reading a bit of details about transactions, locking, distributed transaction etc till I stumbled upon a specification named WS-BusinessActivity / WS-BA. (Refer specification at this link) On first read it seemed to have a big functional overlap with BPEL … Continue reading

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