Criticism of AMQP

One of my previous blog entries was about AMQP a new wire-level messaging protocol.

Today I came across a very thorough criticism of the protocol by one of its authors

A very long article, but of key points being made against the AMQP protocol were

1. It was too complex

2. It is too complex due to unnecessary reliability requirements

3. It is architecturally flawed since it requires a central messaging server

4. 100% binary protocol  was a bad design choice

5. There are issues with the functioning of committee itself.

6. There is too much emphasis in making it like JMS or JMS compatible.

The article does a very deep architectural evaluation of the protocol and suggests corrections to fix it. The alternative is to move way from the central server assumption to a more distributed P2P model.  While I do not have enough experience to comment on which of the approaches, the article makes really interesting reading.


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