Open source SOA registry – Membrane

I came across an open source SOA Registry named “Membrane”

Membrane allows you to

  1. Register services by providing the hosted WSDL
  2. Allows definining of dependencies among services
  3. Checks for WS-I compliance of the service
  4. Periodically checks for availability of the service and raises events on availability changes
  5. Checks for changes in WSDLs or underlying XSD – and raises events when changes are detected
  6. Maintains service availability statistics
  7. Stores a copy of the service metadata such a WSDL, XSD
  8. A SOAP client which allows XML and form based inputs to a WS
  9. Support for rating and tagging of the web-services

A couple of really cool features that I really liked were

  1. WSDL comparison
  2. XML Schema comparison
  3. Automated checks and events for WSDL – XSD changes
  4. Tagging of services
  5. RSS feed for events (new/changed/available/unavailable services)

The features gave a rich-text output of differences between any two services/versions and thus could be used to evaluate impact of changes to the service definition.

Few key registry features were  missing were

  1. No UDDI support (no service key based lookup etc)
  2. No ability to search for web-services based on name/description etc (I could not find it – perhaps there is a way to do it)
  3. Not ability to categorize services. (Some may argue that tagging serves the same purpose and in fact be a  better approach!)

There is a publicly hosted instance of the SOA registry at

Events detected by Membrane



So for project teams and organizations which want to get started on some kind of SOA governance and are looking out for a basic Service/SOA registry, this may be an option to get started. (instead of going the wiki/spreadsheet way). This would be especially useful in large development projects which need a internal SOA registry to keep track of the services being developed and help various internal teams track changes to service definitions etc.

Since the tool itself is open-source it perhaps can be customized / extended to allow association of additional meta-data with the services as required.

There are other products such as the Membrane ESB which can be combined with the Membrane SOA registry to achieve service virtualization.



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Building SOA solutions using Oracle Fusion Middleware technology stack.
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2 Responses to Open source SOA registry – Membrane

  1. Kai Wähner says:

    Nice roundup.

    One risk factor might be current status of the project. Last release was in August, 2010. I do not know if it is still in active development ?! Btw: Same problem with Mulesoft Galaxy Registry.

    Therefore, it seems that the only current Open Source SOA Registry with active development is WSO2 Governance Registry? Maybe you know other alternatives?

    Best regards,
    Kai Wähner (Twitter: @KaiWaehner)

  2. Kai, I agree Membrane looks like a product abandoned midway. A lot of great features, but somehow lacking the finish required to be serious consideration.

    I am not really aware of any other. Perhaps this is consistent with the fact that SOA governance is more of a large vendors (e.g. MSFT, ORCL, IBM, HP…) driven push not really something that has its roots in the open-source world.

    Makes me think it would be a worthwhile effort to start a open source effort in this area.

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