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Semantic web-service descriptions using OWL-S

In this post https://buddhiraju.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/xsdannotations/  I described some of the problems with WSDL as a language to describe web-services. The key problem being that WSDL is a specification with focus on describing a web-service interface rather than the semantics of the web-service. … Continue reading

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Think REST – GET can be a very powerful verb

The basic idea about REST is to think of your system as a collection of resources (and their representations) which transition on one state to another when acted upon by messages. REST is a architecture style which applies constraints such … Continue reading

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Criticism of AMQP

One of my previous blog entries was about AMQP https://buddhiraju.wordpress.com/2011/11/26/amqp-advanced-message-queueing-protocol/ a new wire-level messaging protocol. Today I came across a very thorough criticism of the protocol by one of its authors http://www.imatix.com/articles:whats-wrong-with-amqp A very long article, but of key points being made against … Continue reading

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WS-BusinessActivity and BPEL

I was reading a bit of details about transactions, locking, distributed transaction etc till I stumbled upon a specification named WS-BusinessActivity / WS-BA. (Refer specification at this link) On first read it seemed to have a big functional overlap with BPEL … Continue reading

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