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Open source SOA registry – Membrane

I came across an open source SOA Registry named “Membrane” http://www.membrane-soa.org/soa-registry/ Membrane allows you to Register services by providing the hosted WSDL Allows definining of dependencies among services Checks for WS-I compliance of the service Periodically checks for availability of … Continue reading

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Examples of xsd:appinfo

Continuing from my previous post, https://buddhiraju.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/xsdannotations/ here a few real-world usecases where the xsd:appinfo is  put to good use. For example, using xsd:appinfo you can override the default XML Schema to Java conversion logic applied by JAXB. <xsd:simpleType name=”ZipCodeType”> <xsd:annotation> <xsd:appinfo> … Continue reading

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